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Most commonly, a spouse takes another spouse's last name.

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But a hyphenated last name or some combination of last names is possible too. After the marriage is performed, the valid marriage license serves as proof of a name change.

Use it to update your identifications and important documents. What if 'together forever' turns out to be not quite so forever after all? Many divorces are drawn-out and, well, not so pleasant experiences. It's not uncommon to want to ditch your ex's last name. Fortunately, changing your name due to divorce can be accomplished as part of the commonwealth's regular divorce process.

Under Virginia law, a court handling a divorce can restore a former last name when it issues final divorce decree in other words, the final order.

Chesterfield County, South Carolina Genealogy

You'll have to ask the court to do this, and the law limits a last name change here to restoring a former name such as a maiden name that was changed because of the marriage at issue. The divorce decree is the proof of a legal name change. For other situations, there's a special court process.

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Any person can apply for a change of name in the Cavalier State by filing a petition with the local circuit court of their county or city. This petition can be a process. Applicants have to:. Virginia courts do not necessarily require a hearing before granting a change of name the main exception is for when one parent object's to another parent's petition to change a minor child's name.

Denied marriage license in Morehead, KY - Rowan County

And publication of a name change is only required when service on an out-of-state parent can't be accomplished due to an unknown address. You cannot change your name for any fraudulent purpose. Or if doing so would 'infringe upon the rights of others. And while felons and registered sex offenders can change their name through the petitioning process, there are added safeguards in the law and notice must be sent off to law enforcement.

Once a court is satisfied that the legal requirements are met, it can issue a court order changing your name. A marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order changing your name suffices under Virginia law. But you're not done yet. It's important to contact the Virginia DMV to update your driver license, in order to have a valid identification in your new name.

Online Marriage License Application

And be sure to contact a local Social Security office in order to update your Social Security card. These are the two most important documents to update after a name change. Voter registration, utility bills, and bank accounts should be updated too. I often perform many same-day marriages!

What I usually do with my couples who want a quick wedding right at the court is have them step right outside to a nice waiting area away from indoor courthouse traffic. I then perform the civil ceremony right there which takes only minutes. The minimum age for marriages in Virginia is 16 years old.

Chesterfield County, VA Marriage License Office - Marriage Laws

No, not at all. The only people whom need to be present is the two of you and me marriage commissioner. Contact me via my contact form or text me at to book a time on my calendar. Did you know Winchester, Virginia is the elopement capital of the east coast? Find out why Winchester is the best place to hold your elopement or small wedding!

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As a wedding officiant and photographer, I have come across some of the most interesting places to be married in a civil ceremony in Winchester, Virginia. October 06, by Aaron Riddle 0 Comments. October 10, by Aaron Riddle 0 Comments.