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Thanks for the look up offer Helen. Thanks Pam, yes I was looking at the priority service fee. Geoffers - The second one, I still cannot find in the BMD register but I can post the details because the child has died. Hand written at the bottom has been added Wayne John Selby but registered Salford. Not mine.

I checked Q2 page 24 and Q3 page 23 and nada! I think I will have to send off and pay the I can't find him, even looking a couple of years either side. I don't know how they decide the surname on short certificates - guess it would be father's name if the parents were married, but if they weren't I wonder if he might be indexed under his mother's name. Probably something you don't know, Mutley!

Originally Posted by tommy Husbandmen, Yeoman, etc. Labourers Licensed Victuallers, Innkeepers, etc. I realize this is out-of-scope — but any input at all would be useful. Hello Lia. Unfortunately,this question is beyond our knowledge but we suggest you contact the issuing agency for your Irish passport to determine if they have any restrictions with regards to older birth certificates. Best wishes! Hi, I ordered a birth certificate from El Paso, Texas. Can you please let me know if this is the correct version needed for passport? Hello Erika.

Thank you for choosing VitalChek. We apologize that you have had difficulty reaching us. In addition to calling or emailing, you can also send us a private message with your order number through Facebook. You will usually get a response within a matter of minutes I consulted with our customer service team and either option will meet the criteria.

Thanks again for choosing VitalChek! I would like to fill on form birth certification of my daughter but I did not have that form.

Hello Mialom. Please contact us at or vitals. It seems I only have the option for an short form when selecting immigration or apostille. Is this because Texas only offers that? I need it for my application where I am being sponsored by my spouse in the Netherlands. Will the short form suffice? Also, if I choose apostille, will I receive it with an apostille. I was told to send it to the Secretary of State for one. Hello Vanessa. If you are ordering through VitalChek , you can contact us by three different methods so we can answer your questions and assist you with the process: Phone — , email — vitals.

You can also contact Texas Health and Human Services for more information about the forms of birth certificates they currently offer. Click here to visit their website. An apostille is the authentication of a document for use outside of the United States. The apostille is signed by a Secretary of State and certifies the authenticity of the capacity and signature of the person signing the document. Generally speaking, you will need to order your vital record first.

Once you receive it, you will submit it for the apostille. Click here for more information. Why didnt I receive a Certificate of Birth? Hello Nick. More than likely, this is just a matter of a difference in wording. When you order your birth certificate, what you are receiving is a certified copy of information contained on your original birth certificate.

We can be reached by phone at , by email at vitals. Can you shed any light on this? Hello David. From the information in your post, it sounds like you have already had some contact with Louisiana Vital Records and that is who we would suggest you contact for more information. Thanks for writing this. If yes, then number one, this needs to be made explicit.. So confusing! Hi Edward. Thank you for your feedback. We agree there is a lot of confusion around the terms used to describe the various birth certificates available and each agency may describe their certificates a little differently.

A key factor in determining what type of certificate you will receive is the reason code you select during the ordering process. If you need assistance with your order please contact us so we can assist you. Hi I was wondering how to order the long form birth certificate simply because I want the long form how do I order that without being blocked.

Hello Robert. You may want to contact the vital records agency in your birth state to see if they offer a long form birth certificate and what reason you should supply during the ordering process to ensure the certificate you receive contains the information you need. I recently requested my long form birth certificate from IL and received what looked like a short form birth certificate. I made a 2nd request for a long form and received the same document. How can I get a copy with her signature? Hello Cynthia. Please contact us so we can assist you with this matter. We can be reached at , vitals.

Hi for making US passport for my newborn which kind of birth certificate is require informational or authorized one. Please help me on that. Hello Neha. For passport purposes, you will need to get an authorized copy of the birth certificate. South carolina is horrible and the people that work in the offices are uneducated and do not have customer service. I need to obtain a copy of my original certificate of live birth. Is there any way I can get a handwritten amended birth certificate replaced with a printed one since the amended form was processed but the hand writing is sloppy.

Live in Ca. Hello Michelle. Thanks for reaching out with your question about your handwritten birth certificate. We suggest you contact the vital records agency that issued your original certificate to determine if you can get a digitized printout of the record rather than the handwritten copy. I just ordered a copy of my birth certificate from the District of Columbia yesterday.

I want to make sure I get the long form copy as I already have a short copy and I ordered this because I want my time of birth. Hello Mariel. If you ordered through VitalChek, please contact us with your order number so we can assist you. If you ordered from DC Health, please click here for more information.

Mine is light green born and has a stamp on the back that says certified. Hello Angela. More than likely the color of the paper is just a security measure. If you want further clarification, you may want to contact the Alabama Vital Records Office. Click here to visit their website for more information.

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I just received my Maryland birth certificate from Vitalchek. I was sure to read all about the correct options to check in order to receive a LONG FORM, but my certificate does not appear to be correct long form since it is missing Time of Birth and other information. This is a professional legal document, You should really make the ordering process more clear about the EXACT information that is being sent on the certificate. We are sorry to hear that your certificate did not contain the information you needed.

Please contact us with your order number so we can look into this situation for you. The quickest way to reach us is through private message on our Facebook page — Facebook. You can also call us at or email us at vitals. How do I get a copy of my long birth certificate from Maryland.

Hello Stacey. Please contact us with your order number so we can look into this for you. The quickest way to reach us is through our Facebook page at Facebook. Hello, My name is Jose.

How to get a birth certificate replacement and why you might need one

I ordered my birth certificate through your company. Not the City of New York. However I would like to know if I will receive a letter of exemplification with the certificate. I went directly to the NY State Website and it stated that I would have to request the letter of exemplification when I ordered the birth certificate.

I spoke to someone on the phone and they stated that I would have to go to the NY State County Office to get the letter of exemplification. This is conflicting information. I needthe letter of exemplification for dual citizenship. Thank you,. Hello Jose. Please contact us with your order number so we can assist you with this matter. The quickest way to reach us is via private message at Facebook. You can also reach us by phone at or by email at vitals. Hello I am in need of my birth certificate for a passport. The state issued birth certificate I have now does not list either of my parents.

I was adopted and my current birth certificate shows my adoptive name, just not parents.

Apply for a copy certificate

I am not sure if I should be requesting my certificate in my mothers maiden name, as I was adopted a few years later by my non birth father. Hello Jessie. Birth Certificates: Short Form vs. In July 25, Marilyn Vitale August 23, Hanne Flippen August 23, Jay September 26, Nichole Hawkins September 27, Larissa December 12, Daphnie January 26, Larissa January 27, Kati February 7, Larissa February 7, Jacqueline February 21, Hanne Flippen February 21, Kimona Higgins March 2, Nichole Hawkins March 2, March 9, Larissa March 10, Max G.

March 11, Larissa March 13, Phillip Martin March 14, Larissa March 14, James Nofsinger March 27, Larissa March 27, Flo April 7, Larissa April 10, Kashma June 4, Larissa June 5, Marie June 6, Larissa June 6, Elaine Dobbs June 28, Larissa June 28, Adair July 23, Larissa July 24, Swapnil S August 1, Larissa August 1, Anecdata: I've had no issues using the short form for getting driver's licenses in several states MA, NH, CT, NY , so they're not completely useless for obtaining other forms of identification. When you say "the government", you have to realize that individual states are the ones in the US that issue birth certificates, so this is a state-specific thing.

So, your question really pertains to a specific state that you haven't specified.

What state are you in? In California, my short birth certificate shows my parents names. The long form has a lot more medical information on it and takes more prof of identity to get a copy of. A short-form certificate given at birth is basically like a receipt, it's quick to create with minimum information by the relevant official present. In some instances in the past at least it may not even reflect the information given on the main registration. Sounds like a lot, unless you're ordering on a fast-track service or something.

The documents are inevitably required these days, and Register Offices do take time and resource to process certificates locating the details provided for the original or most recent registration, transferring the registration to a certified certificate and all assorted administrative sundry so the fee is not really exorbitant. I don't think I have a long-form birth certificate.

I'm 38 and was born in NH, first licensed in VA. So, not all short birth certificates are useless.

Birth certificate - Wikipedia

Clarifying, this is Canada. And they definitely told me I need to have the long-form to apply for a passport for him. So I'm not sure why they would issue a short form in the first place.