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100 years of Dodge: History comes alive as museum hits road
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If you are looking for a car you can show and tour with confidence this is your car. With nice color combination, known history from new, and the original window sticker, this is a car that will appreciate as the years pass. Location: New Orleans, LA.

Click on any image to visit a page with large images. This website and all images and text on it are copyrighted and may not be used without prior written permission. Due to the relative size and proximity of the two markets, it seems like it was historically easier for a Canadian car buff to learn about American cars than the other way around. Reference books available in the U. When I was younger, I used to collect records. The same principles apply there. Most of the time, U.

And as with cars, Canadian record collectors typically have a much better understanding of the differences than American record collectors, if only due to the size and proximity of the American market compared to their own. Most American record collectors encounter few Canadian records and know little about them. There is probably a higher level of knowledge about British records in the U.

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The internet has made it easier to for non-Canadians to learn about Canadian records than before, however. I beg to differ. We got the Canadian versions of the cars when they were imported or CKD, but not the additional Canadian brands such as Meteor and Monarch. The local models though, such as the Chrysler Royal, are another story… but not really that bad, because after the first batch of local models the range was simplified pretty drastically. My mother had a beautiful new, black Dodge Custom Royal 4-dr. I learned to drive in this car about three years later, and despite my abuse behind the wheel, it was a very reliable and faithful mode of transportation.

Mother grudgingly looked the other way when I installed a pair of Smittys glasspack mufflers and large-diameter chrome exhaust tips. It took forever to warm up, of course, and it came to a head one January morning when the Dodge—with mother behind the wheel—stalled in the middle of downtown traffic. After this the car was returned to stock, requiring a major service visit to remove the Smittys and asbestos packed in the manifold.

Dodge Custom Royal

We kept it until and it was traded for another fine car, an Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Holiday Sedan. Plodges, Meteors and Cheviacs meant we had more vehicle choices but at a thriftier price. Does it play a spritely little tune when the trunk lid is lifted?! We got Plodges for a while in Israel too, perhaps because of some Taxation concession with Canada which made them slightly cheaper than the US-made Versions. Dad had a bare bones 57 four door with a six and 3 on the three, and I loved it. Proud owner of one of these beauties.

Original Muscle: 1956 Dodge Royal/Lancer D-500

It also says super red ram on the valve covers Which of course is wrong, but its what you got in the US version. The Powerflite remained available into as a cheaper alternative to the newer Torqueflite and with the exception of some late console shifters, all Mopar automatics were pushbutton controlled through Your Powerflite is surely a pushbutton, but it was not the only year for that combination. You could only get the Dodge Custom royal with a Push Button powerflite in , in they switched to torqueflite pushbutton the Custom Royal. The Monarch was just Monarch, not Ford Monarch.

In the US there were two lower-priced series, Meteor and Meteor , which were not sold in Canada. And no Monterey in Canada after Mercury dealers also had the Falcon-based Frontenac for All styling was done in Detroit. The Meteor is as unique from Ford as the Monarch is from Mercury. The models actually began the move to more unique styling.

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The Plodges were built in the U. Which included Hawaii before Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Email Address. Click here to view our privacy policy. About Arras WordPress Theme. Curbside Classic. By Moparlee. Don Andreina. Posted May 30, at AM. J P Cavanaugh. Nice cars these were IMO.

Dodge Timeline

Did three-tone reappear in ? Thomas Merjanian. Howard Kerr. Posted May 30, at PM. The Sports Fury interior was awesome as well. Scorecard for s lower-middle priced brands in Canada: Dodge: —Sold low-priced models which were essentially Plymouths with a Dodge front clip. Pontiac: —Sold low-priced models which were based on Chevrolets. Posted May 31, at PM. Jaguar Sports Coupe Jaguar XK with 4 wheel disc brakes 1 piece windscreen borg warner transmission and twin SU carbs. Lincoln Capri with new lines and superb performance from HP engine.

years of Dodge: History comes alive as museum hits road – ojezakipef.ml

The New Continental for 56 with 4 wheel disc brakes 1 piece windscreen borg warner transmission and twin SU carbs. Mercury Monterey Monterey 2 door hardtop. Mercury Mercury Longer and roomier with lowered hood real luxury at an affordable price. MGA As sparkling in design as performance a sports car with inbuilt quality and craftsmanship.

MG Magnette Lively performance and comfortable family driving with sports car agility and sports car acceleration. Nash Rambler 4 door custom cross country rambler with big car room and comfort. The New Nash Rambler Convertible As sparkling in design as performance a sports car with inbuilt quality and craftsmanship.

1956 Dodge Coronet Lancer & Engine start up @ World of Wheels on My Car Story with Lou Costabile

The Oldsmobile 98 The new 98 so much power so much luxury think about buying the new Olds. Oldsmobile The super holiday coupe geared for super performance. Packard Clipper Top Power up to HP V8 engines and now available the super hardtop with torsion level ride and twin traction safety differential. Plymouth Now today's best buy and tomorrows best trade.

Plymouth Surburban Take up to 8 passengers in comfort. Plymouth Now with the Borg Warner Overdrive. Plymouth with smooth easy performance and the most comfortable driving position in it's class. Pontiac The most wonderful miles of your life more go and less gas dollar for dollar you cant beat a pontiac.

Pontiac Dual Streak Silver streak styling and the most comfortable interior in it's class. Pontiac with the HP strato streak V8 powerplant engine.