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Report monitoring: get an alert when information on a report changes. Our dedicated customer service team can answer your questions daily, from 6 am until pm EST. Here is what a customers had to say about BeenVerified: "Someone offered to drive my daughter home from soccer practice C'mon people!! Everything on this app is protected by the Freedom of Information Act! Anyone in the country can go down to your local county government center and find out everything that is contained in this app. I can go to my local couthouse in Indiana and get information on crimes committed by our govorner.

Check Someone's Background In Minutes

This app just takes a step out of the process, instead of me having to hop in my car and drive 30 minutes to the courthouse, I can do it from my finger tips. Obviously you have something to hide if you are threatening to sue over this app which by the way, if you were a lawyer, you would know everything that I have just stated.

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Me personally, I have commited a few crimes over the years, some stuff I'm not proud of, but unless you have some way of claiming executive privilege from the government, there's nothing for you to be angry about. First, I'm surprised at the overwhelming negativity that seems to be encompassing reviews of this app. This program brings no new information to the table that wasn't readily available through other legal means.

Privacy is a concern, but no 'amendments' are being violated. You're entitled to a 'reasonable expectation of privacy' - nothing more. Culling through the public domain for personal information on someone does not constitute a breach of said privacy. The same goes for the person who mentioned 'they include the house's appraised value!

People could rob you if they knew how much your house is worth! Now I'm not a criminal, but I would imagine potential burglars would have a more efficient method of casing houses than entering names from a phone book to see appraised values Ok, enough about that.

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The app works when it wants to. Searching my name pulled up relatives and siblings, age, and my last 3 addresses. However, it did not find the new address I've lived in for the last 3 months. I input my mother's name, and for some reason it said she lives in a city 60 miles from the address she's been for the last 29 years. My conclusion: use this as a party trick, but not as a definitive report..

And if you don't like the privacy concerns, well, just don't install it. I downloaded this app to learn about a suspect in a crime near my home. Despite being the only suspect in a high profile case with every news station in the state having reported on his numerous convictions after he was arrested for aggravated kidnapping and first degree felony murder, BeenVerified indicates no criminal record- even after requesting an update, to which I received no response.

So just for fun, I looked up my own. I wasn't mad when they listed my maiden name as my middle and last name. I wasn't mad when they reported my associations as relatives of my husband, whom I certainly do NOT associate with.

I have never had more than a seatbelt violation, but they listed 6 records found for me. After doing some researching, I discovered that the information reported was from another woman who shares my first and maiden name. We do not live and never have lived in the same city or county and do not share relatives or associates. After calling customer service, she could only instruct me on how to remove my information myself. She could not tell me how this had been obtained, only that it was public record.

This is not MY public record, it's someone else's. This is libel, plain and simple. Today, doing a background of someone through the internet is the easiest way. Although there are very many businesses that require you to pay a certain fee for you to access state databases, it is important to exhaust all the possibilities before shelling out money to these companies. Let's check how you can do a free background check online easily. One of the usual venues is the social networks. Today there are very many social networks where you can do a simple search to gather the information on the target person.

These sites will act as a very good stepping-stone for you to discover valuable information about an individual. When looking for an individual on Google or other search engines, remember to use advanced search techniques. One advanced technique that can help you to get positive results is enclosing the search names in quotation marks.


This will help in weeding out non-correlated information, to bring out the most accurate results. You can add a common name after the quotation marks for you to receive results that are more precise. Social networks are excellent sources of information.

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A site like Facebook has over five hundred million users. At such a site, you can look for people by email address or name. It is also possible to modify the results by school, workplace or location. Finding the contact information After finding the person on social media or on search engines such as Google, you would like to find their phone numbers and address.

There are very databases that offer free phone and address lookup services, for example, ZabaSearch is one of the most accurate number lookup service. You can narrow the search by state to find the target person phone number easily. The WhitePages. Looking in criminal and public record When doing a background check online with no charge, some of us are interested in getting the contacts of an individual or knowing the person past records. Public and criminal records will assist you in gathering the person past information.

For example, the criminal searches database provides information about an individual criminal history record. If you want to know about a person marriage or birth record you can do so by looking into search system that offer access to free public records. There are very many free public records available online. These records can be accessed through various public records database, of which some of them are free while others requires a certain payment. When choosing a free record database, it is important to select the database with the most up to date record.

Actually, It is very easy to run free background check online with no credit card needed and get accurate data, however you need to be diligent and discerning to ensure that you have the right person. Find People.


Free Background Check - % Official Public Records For Arrests, Criminal & Court Searches

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