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  1. How to find out if a paedophile or rapist lives on your street
  2. Information about the Sex Offender Register – Families Outside

If you have any further questions, please email us at CrimeStatistics ons.

How to find out if a paedophile or rapist lives on your street

Everything you need to know about Freedom of Information and how to go about making a request. Sex offenders register, to You asked I would like to know how many people there were on the sex offender register in England for , , , and We said Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately we do not hold the information you have requested.

Published: 6 Sep Merseyside police failing to monitor sex offenders, says watchdog. Published: 30 Aug Sex offender treatment scheme led to increase in reoffending. Published: 30 Jun Police relax monitoring of sex offenders to focus on high-risk criminals.

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Published: 29 Jun Published: 6 May Hopeful treatment for young sex abusers. Letters: In my 45 years of practice and research with sex offenders, I have never come across one who had not experienced some form of trauma in their own childhoods.

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Published: 5 Mar Hinch welcomes tougher restrictions on convicted pedophiles' overseas travel. Published: 11 Nov The scale of historical sexual abuse in the UK is a catastrophe.

Information about the Sex Offender Register – Families Outside

We need catharsis Beatrix Campbell. The scope of the inquiry into sexual crimes against children must not be narrowed. Until we address the horrors of the past, there can be no moving on. Published: 12 Sep Sharing of nude selfies may be behind the figures, says NSPCC, and many parents are unaware that such activity is illegal.


Published: 1 Sep Survivor charities are calling for the threat of legal action to make schools, care homes and hospitals more vigilant in protecting young people. Published: 28 May The Observer view on stalking.

Thousands of women — and many men — have their lives made intolerable by stalkers but too few cases come to court. Published: 16 Apr Nearly sex offenders reportedly removed from UK register in four years.

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