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  1. AT&T may end white pages delivery
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  3. AT&T wants to stop delivering white pages

The national Yellow Pages Association represents about directory publishers, comprising both phone companies as well as independent publishers.

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  2. ProPhone National Telephone Directory on CD-ROM;
  3. If you want White Pages, you’ll have to ask for them in Oklahoma City - Article Photos.

The MPCA estimates that 13, tons of phone books were distributed in Minnesota in ; nearly 13 pounds per household based on population estimates. In , several states considered legislation to promote product stewardship for telephone directories.

AT&T may end white pages delivery

North Carolina, New Mexico, and New York introduced legislation to provide residents a method of opting out from the receipt of telephone directories. Both North Carolina and New Mexico put the burden of publishing the opt-out on the telephone directory publisher. In , Hawaii has become the first state to propose opt-in legislation, where telephone book publishers would be required to obtain confirmation from recipients prior to delivery of the directory. This bill is intended to reduce waste and promote product stewardship. The state Department of Health would implement the bill, which would become effective in Implementation of an opt-in system for phone books could have considerable environmental savings in Minnesota.

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These annual reports are due Aug. Phone book publishers are confident that most households still want to receive printed directories for their reference, but many of them are implementing systems to "opt out" and stop unwanted deliveries.

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  • Customers could still get a hard copy — at no cost — upon request.
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  • Don't trash the phonebook Conservation Minnesota and Minnesota's largest phone book publishers are working together, framing this new effort as a first-in-the-nation partnership between a non-profit conservation organization and phone book publishers. Minnesota residents can get the latest opt-out contacts for yellow page publishers in their area and find local recycling options. CD-ROM phone directories have had a painful maturation process, hampered by inaccuracies and restrictive usage rules.

    Sales at Pro CD Inc. Unit sales are growing at a much faster rate because disk prices are plunging.

    Article excerpt

    The downside: Phone disks are likely to increase the junk mail and calls that already barrage homeowners and businesses. If marketers become too intrusive, the disks could give people one more incentive to get an unlisted phone number.

    Susan Edmonson, president of Alumni Systems Inc. Even though were in a new age and have new technology that makes it faster to look up a phone number on a smart phone or PC. They Do Not give us an option to opt out of recieving phone books.

    AT&T wants to stop delivering white pages

    They do offer electronic access through there website and they offer a CD-ROM of your local residential white pages, but there is No Options to Opt out of the service all together. At my business they deliever between 5 to 20 phone books in one delivery, that is more then the number of employees at the business. The Yellow Pages needs to stop print all together, and make a pledge to stop wasting paper cutting down trees.