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Reed D P. Reed Visit this sheriff's website. Prince George County H. Pulaski County Michael W. Worrell Visit this sheriff's website. Radford Mark R. Armentrout Visit this sheriff's website. Rappahannock County Connie S. Compton I P. Richmond Antionette V. My obligations as a marketer aside, I have a question as a consumer. Furthermore, political messages are protected under the First Amendment. If any group is trying to win you over — whether it's an advertiser, an advocacy group, a candidate, etc.

Looking for more tips? Canada's rules are much more stringent under legislation called CASL. Wouldn't that be of importance to people e-mailing into Canada?

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The problem with buying lists, for example, is one can never be sure where the recipients are located. Excellent point. A lot of salespeople are using new software that guesses people email addresses. So for instance, if we want to contact Bob Smith at abccompany. This doesn't seem to meet the "numerous permutations" language of the law, since it's only guessing at a couple of permutations for one specific person.

A lot of really big companies have their sales reps use this type of software Is it legal? Is the FTC going to take an official stance by offering guidance in relation to social media direct messages? It seems unclear whether direct messages should have all the same traditional form and content elements, which seem clunky in social media. The court cases referenced focused on assuring direct messages were not misleading and did not seem to mention form and content requirements.

Also, I recently saw that a company has been issued a "patent" for guessing user's email addresses using dictionary attack of guessing business email domain addresses. Is this deemed legal? As a recruiter, I send out e-mails all the time. These e-mails go to people that we have spoken to that already have given us their e-mail address.

The e-mail ask them if they would have an interest in hearing about certain types of opportunities by describing a little about the opportunity. Or am good. Plus can I have a hyperlink in this e-mail with my e-mail address? I seem to remember reading that opt-out may not require the recipient to go to a web site to log on with user id and password. As a consumer, this typically means sending in my email, waiting for my id, then logging in and saying I forgot my password, receiving that, logging in again, sometimes having to navigate to the right page, then opting out with a questionnaire as to why.

It makes it very difficult. Is this a violation? Where is this listed so I might send the rule to someone? I gave my email address to an entity for them to contact me or for people interested in joining my organization to contact me. However, I am getting solicitation emails from vendors because my email address is published. What action can I take to stop this? Is it legal to email to Independent school district employees ISD email addresses that I have received from an open records request I sent to the open records department at that ISD?

If your company obtains 10, email addresses from a university through an open records request, your company is terrible. Forget what the law says, have some sort of ethics.

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Does "each separate e-mail" mean each email or each transmission of it? My company creates software that allows the collection of multiple emails per single guest. Andy opts out of any communication or andy email. Hi - I work for a financial provider.

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Our website is not commercial - it is for our clients to use to manage their financial accounts or to interact with their financial advisor. Would promoting benefits available to them such as choosing e-delivery or text instead of email alerts, or registering for access to their accounts online be considered marketing activities?

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If I am having users signup to receive an email newsletter from me, are there special terms and conditions I must also include in my website that will continue sending them emails in the future? If several companies, owned by the same corporate entity, use the same servers to send email of a commercial nature, who gets "charged" with the Opt Out? The Entity that mailed it, or all of the companies under the Corporate Umbrella?

My belief, and I think there is some documentation I am not smart enough to find right now is that it all boils down to what how the consumer perceives it.

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Have I got that right? Do you have any guidance on how to determine who gets the opt out? It doesn't. Sign up for alerts. View this article with LENS. Open full page PDF. Article Alerts. Email Article. Thank you for sharing this Cancer Research article. Your Personal Message. Citation Tools. Share This Article: Copy.