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If you would like to have your background report removed from our site, you can reach out to us directly at or go to www. We're very sorry you've had a frustrating experience with opting out of Instant Checkmate, and we'd love to help you resolve this issue. I purchased a reverse phone search with Instant Checkmate. I ran the search. Should wait, indicated that was a result from the search, that I have to pay an additional fee for a written report.

I paid an additional fee and that I was informed, that no additional information was found. I would not have paid for this report if I knew that it does not have that information on the report.

Global Change: The Earth system

But they mislead me into paying for this report but still information does exist. This is known as fraud. They are not a truthful upfront company. Please reach out to our Customer Care department on so we can make this right. Worst customer service EVER!

The Best Mapping Plugins For WordPress - WPExplorer

Worst service ever! We apologize for any confusion you may have experienced with our billing system. When a user activates their account, they must provide an electronic signature authorizing Instant Checkmate to charge their card as described, including for the automatic renewal of their membership. Please contact our Customer Care department by calling or emailing support instantcheckmate.

Like the Eagles song, you can check out but you can never leave. Tried for months to opt out. They make it ridiculously difficult. I'd be afraid to sign up with them, then try to stop monthly payments. You have to go to a separate opt-out site, download a form, mail it to them, and they've told me twice they didn't get my letter. Never found a site more difficult to unsubscribe to. I'd never go with them now. We would like to resolve this issue for you as soon as possible. Okay, so. I was getting calls from an unfamiliar international phone number located in the United States.

Intelius Public Records Search

Not even given a current name for it I was told by customer service over the phone it might be a prepaid number and that they aren't always available to see. It wasn't able to tell me much more at all, let alone anything useful! Then when I complained that it wasn't fair I should be charged for premium - the person I spoke with was so so so kindly spoken, and so apologetic.. I told them to cancel everything, I was assured that it was finalized.

One month later, I'm not only charged the standard fee, but they still had the premium fee tacked onto it!! They also apparently had no note on file requesting that I requested to have it canceled so I was refused yet another refund I was asked if I still had the email I sent them requesting the cancellation I teeth had the bright idea to ask if someone could listen to the call recording from my prior conversation but I was told that wasn't possible because they don't record calls like that!

What the heck!? At any rate, I'm now told that it is definitely canceled this time and that if I get charged again it will definitely be refunded because they left an appropriate note this time! I won't hold my breath. People, heed my warning! These people are unscrupulous thieves!

I'm almost positive that the 5-star reviews here for things like "I found out my ex was cheating through this service" are probably put there by Instant Checkmate. DON'T waste your money! They sign you up and don't let you cancel and then refuse you the refund you should be entitled to! I'm so sorry that you were unhappy with the information you received in your report and had a negative experience with Instant Checkmate support.

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We compile existing public records into one report, and sometimes the information we are provided isn't as thorough as we would like. However, I agree that you should have been refunded for this and would like to get that processed for you. I'm unable to locate your account with the information provided in this review, could you please send us an email to support instantcheckmate.

Get our free how-to guides and tips that will help you become an informed consumer, save money, and shop smarter. Sign Up. For Business log in Contact Us. My Account. About Instant Checkmate. By HighYa Research Team. Average Customer Rating: 3.

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Showing of Sort reviews by:. This company is actively collecting reviews from its customers. All reviews submitted are subject to moderation and approval to ensure they meet our Review Guidelines. Help others find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful? Now, the other Earth-facing players still have a place in Planet's world. DigitalGlobe can only image 1. And it is expanding its breadth, partnering with Saudi Arabian governmental organizations to launch a medium-resolution set of satellites.

But when it comes to whole-Earth imagery—or whole-landmass, anyway—Planet has the lead. And its customers, for the right price, can extract nearly endless information from the satellites' images. Earth Science google Planet Labs Satellites space. View Comments. Sponsored Stories Powered By Outbrain.

An Aquatic Mystery, Solved. More science. Tech in Two.

Satellite Data

Author: Sara Harrison Sara Harrison. Author: Adam Rogers Adam Rogers. Some are using suborbital rocket technology that affords a few minutes of weightlessness about kilometers above the surface, while others use high-altitude balloons to more inexpensively provide access to high altitudes without becoming weightless. The desire among ordinary people to travel into space is strong.

A recent survey indicated that more than 60 percent of Americans would do so, if they could afford a ticket. While an early-warning system is an obvious first response to this threat even this capability is nowhere near operational , some asteroids may pose so deadly a threat that deflection is the only way to avoid devastating loss of life on Earth. Several technologies to accomplish this task have been studied, but the capability is still in its infancy.

Such a system can provide electricity much of the day. An early application could focus on supplying power to isolated communities or for disaster relief. With reductions in launch cost and mass production of SSP modules, SSP has the potential to eventually become less expensive than wind or solar electricity is today, i. Moreover, with SSP providing baseload power, there will be less need for energy storage using batteries or other systems that could negatively impact the environment.

Today, data centers are often being located in cold climates to take advantage of lower operating temperatures and cooling loads, and there have been serious discussions of locating data centers underwater for similar reasons. Another option could be to place servers and their power supplies directly in space, using the virtually unlimited solar energy see earlier discussion on SSP there to remove the burden of Earth-based electricity systems to power them.

Background Checks and Criminal Records

While cooling may be more challenging the vacuum of space is a very good thermal insulator , there are several advantages , including increased physical security, decreased signal transmission times, and superior performance of spinning disk drives in microgravity. It is possible that space-based data centers could eventually become cost effective, resulting in lower electricity demand and carbon emissions on Earth.

Space mining of high-value elements: The focus of most space mining companies today is targeting water that will provide rocket propellant in Earth orbit, helping lower the cost of deep space operations. Other plentiful materials such as iron and other metals will be valuable for in-space construction, avoiding the expense of launching structures from Earth. However, space mining could eventually mature to the point that other valuable elements could be obtained as a natural byproduct of the large amounts of processed material, justifying the high cost of producing them in space.

Delivering large amounts of material from space can be inexpensive if they are returned using space-manufactured ablative heat shields that can be recovered from controlled landings in shallow water. Space mining techniques will be also different from water-based approaches frequently used on Earth, and instead would mainly rely on thermal separation and multistep processes to aggregate small percentages of metal typically found in terrestrial ores into higher and higher concentrations. For example, some asteroids may contain high concentrations of high value metals amenable to mechanical separation.

Closed-loop ecosystems, material recycling, and in situ resource utilization: Limited physical resources and the inherently high cost of operating in space naturally pushes system designs toward efficient utilization and recycling of gases, water, nutrients, and other materials, both for life support and other uses. Moreover, there is a need for large-scale space operations to rely as much as possible on in situ resources, literally using the rocks and regolith around which the rockets land as the raw materials for construction, life support, and other needs.

If such processes can be developed in space with a high degree of efficiency and reliability, there is also potential for them to be customized for use on Earth for construction and processed goods. Intensive organic agricultural techniques: As the size of crews in space increases, and especially as bases are constructed on distant worlds such as Mars, it will be impractical to sustain these populations using imported food.

This will require the development of high-density, water-efficient, low-energy, fully organic agricultural methods that operate on a closed cycle. Such techniques can be anticipated to have widespread application back on Earth to increase food production. Science projects and programs that can only be or better be done in space: Beyond the science and technology projects and programs listed above, there are others that can only be carried out in space. The lunar farside is protected by the Moon from electromagnetic emissions coming from the Earth.

A “Safe” Smoking Gadget, Vodka Made From Air, and More News

For that reason, with the proper precautions and infrastructure in place, it could be an ideal location to monitor low-frequency radio waves from space. Finally, risky biological experiments could be carried out in isolated laboratories in deep space or on the Moon, protecting Earth populations with a vast expanse of hard vacuum.

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  • Orbital debris management : While not a technology of direct benefit to Earth, the removal of debris from spent rocket stages, defunct satellites, and all other manner of space junk in Earth orbits poses an increasing hazard to space operations and must eventually be dealt with. With lower launch costs and space infrastructure investments, it may become feasible to manage debris cost-effectively at least one company, Cislunar Industries, plans to melt down and refine orbital debris into useful materials for use in space.

    Another company, Star Technology and Research Corporation, i s developing a non-fuel consuming, electrodynamic debris eliminator EDDE , which can also be useful for monitoring debris in orbit. Widespread space manufacturing and industrialization: Eventually, the falling cost of space-based manufacturing, and the rising cost of Earth-based manufacturing due to increased scarcity, environmental impacts, labor standards, etc.

    The impact of such a change would be profound, as it would shift the side effects of these activities to locations in space without biological ecosystems, endangered species, or human populations to negatively impact.