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It is not uncommon to get "untrue" information due to mistaken identity.

Running legitimate reports with the applicant's permission, social security number, etc. Last, but not least, a problem with the "free" background check companies is the fine print - regarding how the reports are to be used.

Best background check services of 12222

What most people miss usually at the bottom of the screen is the fact that the reports are not to be used for employment background checks, tenant screening, consumer credit decisions or any other purpose that requires FCRA Fair Credit Reporting Act compliance. What this means is that if you are a legitimate business, property manager or landlord, you can be faced with serious legal consequences if you use one of these sites.

Because running reports on one of these sites means that they didn't require the authorization of the applicant to run the background check, which is a violation of the FCRA that requires consumer reporting agencies to have an applicant's permission to run background checks and credit reports. Websites that aren't legitimate background check companies' databases aren't reviewed, which means their records aren't verified for accuracy meaning that information furnished could be out of date, or incorrect as in cases with mistaken identity. It is not advisable to rely on "free" background check services when it comes to making business decisions.

It is good advice to remember that "you get what you pay for" which may not be anything of actual value when it comes to these online sites. Many consider this question discriminatory, and there are several states and counties working to pass legislation to remove it permanently. Instead of asking the question on the application, move forward with interviews and run a background check when you narrow the pool down to a few candidates. If you plan to request medical records, the records must pertain to the job duties. To learn about disciplinary actions or character references, permission must be granted in writing.

If the applicant refuses permission, you can legally remove the candidate from the list of potential hires.

If you do find something questionable during a free background check, you should speak with the candidate. Give them a chance to explain what you find without making assumptions. The hiring process, including the background check process, should be consistent for every employee. Yes, you can conduct a free background check on potential employees. However, the amount of information you get may be limited. In addition, conducting a free background check will take time.


Employers will spend a few hours visiting several different websites to gather the information necessary to make a decision. There are many websites that can help you in your search for information. One of the easiest places to start your free background check is with a search engine. A simple search can connect you with photos, social media accounts, content created by the applicant — and much more. If the candidate has a common name like Mike Smith, add more keywords to narrow the search.

Part of your free background check should include a look at social media accounts. Seven in ten Americans use social media, according to the Pew Research Center , so odds are your applicant has at least one social account. Start with Facebook. This social channel typically gathers the most information about users for its profiles. If your candidate has a public account, you can see what he or she has posted. You can, however, conduct an advanced search on Google that scans Facebook for public posts or group posts that include your candidate.

You can also run names through LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

How to do a free background check online

LinkedIn will offer work history, which you can compare to the resume you were given. Twitter and Instagram reveal the personal side of potential employees through short messages and pictures. Using these tools, you can conduct your own background check without spending any money. Once you have the background check in hand, what should you look for?

How to Do a Completely Free Background Check Online

One of the biggest problems you can find during a background check is a criminal past. However, multiple foreclosures or bankruptcy could indicate money problems that may affect job performance.

Pay special attention to any questionable or unlawful behavior. Background checks can also provide results to any recent drug tests. If the applicant has failed any, it should serve as a red flag. There may be a logical explanation for the gap, like taking care of a sick loved one or moving to another state. When you get a report back, you want it to contain all of the pertinent details. A lot of companies claim to offer background checks, so do your due diligence.

Make sure the company is trusted and reliable. Ask for references to ensure quality service and product. In addition, being a member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners is also a plus. Hidden fields.

1. Intelius: Best overall

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