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  1. Can You Live Underwater?
  2. Louisiana man dies after making underwater marriage proposal in Tanzania
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  • A Man Died While Diving Underwater To Propose To His Girlfriend!
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Sign up. Color Editor: I love to check all colors one by one, especially the most dominant color. Speed up your workflow by saving adjustments as Styles After you are finished color grading, you can save the settings as a User Style and give it a title. Martha Suherman Martha Suherman is an Indonesian commercial photographer specializing in movement and underwater photography.

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Can You Live Underwater?

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Louisiana man dies after making underwater marriage proposal in Tanzania

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Chuuk, Micronesia I love wreck diving, so Chuuk, Micronesia formerly known as Truk Lagoon was the site of a huge WWII battle that left many ships, planes, and other war artifacts in the ocean. Lembeh Strait For the tiny and crazy critters, Lembeh Strait is a non-stop treasure hunt for nudibranchs little, colorful slugs of the ocean , pretty crabs, seahorses, cuttlefish, frogfish, etc. You can touch both at one point. Icy cold glacier water filtered through miles of volcanic rock make this spring-fed area have water as clear as gin.

It feels like the beauty just goes on and on and on…. Those are all incredible!

Dare I ask your favorite places on land?! I love hiking too, although lately have been doing far more diving than hiking lately. I love the Hawaiian Islands, I love the contrast of ocean and mountains. Little Cayman makes this list too, there is a hammock there that is the hammock of my dreams. Trust me, they have far more to be afraid of us than we of them. Sharks are generally quite shy and either stay away from divers or pay no attention to us.

But both are easy to over-come for those willing to try. BCDs, the jacket you wear helps control your buoyancy if you are floating, sinking, or neither…you want neither during the dive and fins help give you extra power while swimming.

So about underwater, any favorite moments? So many.

Europe is not the only spot to get a new attraction below the sea — the first underwater museum also opened in the US in Alex Butler. Hauntingly beautiful underwater sculpture will help save coral reef near Indonesia. Get inspired to travel everyday by signing up to our daily newsletter.

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